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Paperback, 174 pages

Structured as a whodunit, The Moon of Innocence is a taut story
of love, passion and death among
the rural peasants of Catalonia in 1963.

Generalissimo Francisco Franco,
the last Fascist standing after World
War II, was at the height of his power.
Among his other acts of tyranny, he
tried to abolish the Catalan language.

It is against this backdrop that the
young poet Cesar and Maria, the farm
girl that he loves, try to find freedom
in each other.

Like The Sorrows of Young Werther
or Romeo and Juliet, societal conventions
pave the way for tragedy. The effects
on romance of wheels powered by
petroleum, the homogenization of culture,
and desperation born of loneliness all
play a part as this riveting and surprising
story unfolds.

A powerful tale of love, intrigue, and loss,
The Moon of Innocence will stay with you
long after you put it down.

Available in paperback
and Kindle.
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